January Favorites

One type of post (or video, for those that YouTube) that I always see is a recap of someone’s favorite things for the month. I find it interesting to see who’s using what and what made it to the top of their list for that month.

I figured with it being the 31st already, why not create a list of some things that made my month? It serves as a fun and easy first official blog post.

Here you go, my top 5 January Favorites.

1. Shea Moisture African Black Soap

$4.99 – Target

My mom came home one day after doing some after-Christmas clearance shopping. She bought me a sample pack of Shea Moisture products including the African Black Soap bar soap, body lotion, and liquid body wash.

When she handed it to me she said something along the lines of, “I’ve heard this works well for people with bad skin.” And while at first I was offended (typical), I figured there’s no harm in giving it a shot! My skin has always been hit or miss; sometimes it’d be fine but other times I’d have areas that would break out and would stay that way no matter what I did.

The first thing I noticed was that the water from the soap was brown and dirty looking. However, since it’s black soap, that’s kind of to be expected. I’ve used my fair share of charcoal products so the coloring didn’t really bother me. The soap also has chunks of ingredients in it which give it a little more texture that you’d typically expect from a bar of soap. After using it for the first time, my face felt fresh and clean. After a few uses I noticed that my skin did look and feel better than it had with my previous face wash. I went out to Target and bought a second bar to keep in my travel bag. While my boyfriend likes to make fun of the name, I think it’s well worth it for the way my skin is starting to feel and look.

Contains: Vitamin E, Oats, Aloe

2. Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner

$7.99 each – Harmon Face Values

Another ~beauty product that I’m loving this month is Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. The set I’m currently using is from Harmon Face Values (generic brands 4e) which is comparable to the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special line.

If you know me, you know I love anything minty. At first sniff, this shampoo and conditioner is just that. If you had a stuffy nose before using this product, you’re definitely un-stuffed after using it. This shampoo and conditioner combo leaves a tingly sensation on your scalp as you use it, and it lingers a bit after you’re out of the shower. Not only does it feel great, but it makes your hair soft, fresh and clean, and leaves it with a nice shine.

3. Aerie Happy bras

$29.95 $20 (on sale) – Aerie.com

Aerie recently released a new line of unlined bras called the Happy Collection. While I was never one to wear unlined bras, this collection was too cute to pass up. I took a chance and placed an online order, and I’m so happy I did.

The Happy Collection features both classic and plunge styles in super cute colors. It was hard to decide which one to get, but as usual I went with the plunge in trusty black. This bra is SO comfortable. When I’m wearing it I truly don’t want to take it off. Full disclosure, I’m wearing it right now as I write this.

Aerie Happy unlined bras are available in sizes 32A-38DD. Right now Aerie bras are all $25 and under. I would definitely suggest heading to your local mall or visiting Aerie.com and taking full advantage of this sale and the new Happy Collection!

4. GloFish


A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I went out and bought a fish tank for his place. It’s a little 5 gallon tank with a blue LED light that makes anything neon colored glow. They sell little neon fish – GloFish – that are perfect for this type of tank. They advertise that these fish are not injected with chemicals. According to the GloFish website, “Today’s GloFish fluorescent fish are bred from the offspring of fluorescent fish that were originally developed several years ago. Each new GloFish inherits its unique color directly from its parents, maintains the color throughout its life, and passes the color along to its offspring.”

We set up the tank and got three fish for it: green, blue, and pink. The green fish is Malé (for tamale), the pink fish is Mingo (flamingo), and the blue one is Mar (the sea). It’s so funny how we’ll feed them and then sit and comment on what they’re doing. “Malé ate all of the food” “Mingo isn’t going to the top.” We have lives, I swear. But these silly little fish are cute and fun and it’s the best we can do as far as pets right now.

Yesterday we added two new fish to the pack, a purple one and an orange one (Deca and Fuego). Don’t tell the others, but Fuego, the spunky little orange one, is my fav.

I failed as a fish mom and don’t have any (non-blurry) pictures of the fish, but I promise they look like the picture up there.

5. 2017 Hyundai Elantra


My last “favorite thing” for this month isn’t something you can go pick-up at Target, but it’s definitely something that had made my month. The day after Christmas I went and leased a car. While I had much love for my 2003 Chevy Impala, it had many problems that I just couldn’t afford to fix over and over and over again. I went out on a whim to a car dealership and ended up leaving a few hours later with a brand new car. I still kind of can’t believe that it’s mine, but I love it so much. It’s an amazing feeling going from driving a 2003 to a 2017.

My car still doesn’t have a name – feel free to leave any suggestions!

There you have it! Five things that made this month cool, or as we’ll call it, my January Favorites. Thanks for checking it out.

What were some of your favorite things this month??


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